Go Away

May 7, 2015 8:11 PM. Posted by

This web is dead. Go to our all new web site at thatsnotacreeper.com


Finally got around to making a map of my area

Apr 25, 2015 9:13 AM. Posted by

Very simple to do, create you map, put some item frames on a wall then arrange maps like a jigsaw puzzle.




And another new VIP

Apr 24, 2015 8:57 AM. Posted by

Thanks  Sashiki_Hane


its a new CAR!…I mean plugin

Apr 13, 2015 8:09 PM. Posted by

Well not totally new, we used to have this a couple of years ago until it stopped working.

Showcasestandalone – allows you to have floating/rotating items for display.

Only two commands needed, ‘scs display’ (you have to hold the item first) and ‘scs remove’, just follow the prompts. You can decorate your shop with flashy, floating & rotating items, use them in your base to impress your visitors.

Whatever you use them for, everyone will know you are a VIP+++ player (yes VIP+++ or Timelord only), its about time the VIP+++ players got something new. Have look in the player shop to see how good they look.


Hi there!

Apr 9, 2015 9:02 AM. Posted by

Web site is back, minecraft server is not. Keep watching for an update.

09:03 minecraft is back


Server is offline

Apr 6, 2015 6:43 PM. Posted by

Not sure whats going on, but will be back online asap.

Update: Server is back (even though the web site says its not) The SSD was full, I deleted 18G of temp files, unfortunately your inventory is probably going to be lost and you will login at spawn.

Want your lost items replaced? See rule 4

Update2: Invetory restored..nothing to see, move along

 Note: The live map will be changed to low res, the current hi-res map of the main world is using 40Gb, and we just dont have the space to justify that.


News update

Mar 26, 2015 9:33 PM. Posted by

Donation $ reserve for server costs
You may (or not) have noticed the donation money we have in reserve for server costs  has taken a bit of a hit as GM2K and I have decided to spend some money on an island in the pacific…no wait, that’s the other plan..I mean on a license for a real web forum, vbulletin. This will allow GM to code all sorts of cool plugins for the server, that’s what he says anyway. Perhaps he has just scammed us all?

Economy change
If a chest shop runs out of stock it will automatically be removed, ie keep checking that your chests have stock in them

There is a very small change to server donations for VIP.

$10 donation will get you VIP for 3 months (no change)
$20 donation will get VIP for 9 months (again..no change for most people)
$50 donation and you will become a VIP+++ lifetime player (also no change). You will never be deleted, always considered an active player even if you never return, we will just assume you are off exploring in the Farlands and that one day you will return. Your name, title/rank, tardis, home etc will stay and be protected forever (unless there is a world reset). All VIP’s have a permanent giant stature, each one created by Jay. (unless you are a banned VIP and your name will be forever hightlighted in red on the VIP page for attempting to steal and/or grief)

The difference is if you donate $10 a second time, you don’t automatically get another 6 months you get 3 months. Most VIP’s donate at least twice so you wont be paying any more.

I’m looking at setting up a monthly subscription through Patreon for $4.00 per month, which can be cancelled at any time. Slightly more expensive but at $4 you too can have VIP in your title to show your support for the server costs. I’ll post the details in the next few days

Sorry, all out of steak knives with this special offer.

 NOTE: VIP+++ it’s a lot of money but I cant imagine this ever changing.


Server economy page update

Mar 18, 2015 2:33 PM. Posted by

The following has been added to the www.thatsnotacreeper.com/server-economy/ page

‘You can buy a plot at spawn to setup your  own shop, its not for your base or storage area. Strictly a shop to buy and sell to and from other players. Cost is $5000, you can sell it back to the city for 75%. You cant sell the land to other players.’


Corrupt area

Mar 14, 2015 8:25 AM. Posted by

Seems to have a problem in one area…working on it.

Fixed. Deleted the region.


Idiot troll

Mar 13, 2015 11:42 PM. Posted by

It’s been a very long time since someone tried this pathetic line, chat filter gets them everytime.


[23:08:07] [Server thread/INFO]: [Server] toppie28 has just joined for the first time.
[23:08:07] [Server thread/INFO]: [Server] 548 unique players have visited this server.
[23:08:07] [Server thread/WARN]: §4That kit does not exist.
[23:08:18] [Netty Server IO #10/INFO]: [PwnFilter] |CHAT| MATCH  <toppie28> Hello i am from PlanetMinecraft
[23:08:18] [Netty Server IO #10/INFO]: [PwnFilter] Burned toppie28: §4[§6PwnFilter§4] §4Burned by PwnFilter!
[23:08:18] [Netty Server IO #10/INFO]: [PwnFilter] |CHAT| SENT <toppie28> I'm from Planet Krypton and I'm a complete tool for trying to trick the server with this pathetic line.
[23:08:18] [Server thread/INFO]: <[Guest] toppie28> I'm from Planet Krypton and I'm a complete tool for trying to trick the server with this pathetic line.
[23:08:24] [Server thread/INFO]: toppie28 fell out of the world
[23:08:41] [Netty Server IO #10/INFO]: [PwnFilter] |CHAT| MATCH  <toppie28> Can i get op To check you server
[23:08:41] [Netty Server IO #10/INFO]: [PwnFilter] Burned toppie28: §4[§6PwnFilter§4] §4Burned by PwnFilter!
[23:08:41] [Netty Server IO #10/INFO]: [PwnFilter] Sending console command: thor toppie28
[23:08:41] [Netty Server IO #10/INFO]: [PwnFilter] Responded to toppie28 with: §cNot happening loser....
[23:08:41] [Netty Server IO #10/INFO]: [PwnFilter] Responded to toppie28 with: §c§oRule #7: Do NOT ask for staff, admin, mod or op. NEVER EVER! GOT IT?...
[23:08:41] [Netty Server IO #10/INFO]: [PwnFilter] |CHAT| SENT <toppie28> Can we have superman back? To check you server
[23:08:41] [Server thread/INFO]: CONSOLE issued server command: /thor toppie28
[23:08:41] [Server thread/INFO]: Smiting [Guest] toppie28
[23:08:41] [Server thread/INFO]: <[Guest] toppie28> Can we have superman back? To check you server
[23:08:55] [Server thread/INFO]: <[Guest] toppie28> Oke
[23:08:59] [Server thread/INFO]: <[Guest] toppie28> take it easy

[23:39:33] [Server thread/INFO]: Player toppie28 was banned by CONSOLE for: don't come back, troll

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