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Mar 26, 2015 9:33 PM. Posted by

Donation $ reserve for server costs
You may (or not) have noticed the donation money we have in reserve for server costs  has taken a bit of a hit as GM2K and I have decided to spend some money on an island in the pacific…no wait, that’s the other plan..I mean on a license for a real web forum, vbulletin. This will allow GM to code all sorts of cool plugins for the server, that’s what he says anyway. Perhaps he has just scammed us all?

Economy change
If a chest shop runs out of stock it will automatically be removed, ie keep checking that your chests have stock in them

There is a very small change to server donations for VIP.

$10 donation will get you VIP for 3 months (no change)
$20 donation will get VIP for 9 months ( change for most people)
$50 donation and you will become a VIP+++ lifetime player (also no change). You will never be deleted, always considered an active player even if you never return, we will just assume you are off exploring in the Farlands and that one day you will return. Your name, title/rank, tardis, home etc will stay and be protected forever (unless there is a world reset). All VIP’s have a permanent giant stature, each one created by Jay. (unless you are a banned VIP and your name will be forever hightlighted in red on the VIP page for attempting to steal and/or grief)

The difference is if you donate $10 a second time, you don’t automatically get another 6 months you get 3 months. Most VIP’s donate at least twice so you wont be paying any more.

I’m looking at setting up a monthly subscription through Patreon for $4.00 per month, which can be cancelled at any time. Slightly more expensive but at $4 you too can have VIP in your title to show your support for the server costs. I’ll post the details in the next few days

Sorry, all out of steak knives with this special offer.

 NOTE: VIP+++ it’s a lot of money but I cant imagine this ever changing.

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  1. DementedSun says:

    I’m glad the price has dropped to $25, otherwise I probably would never have made another shop that sells things at really low prices, since deleting the shop and then costing the seller to pay $100 more when it all sells out was kind of the death of low prices.

  2. analog_anarchy says:

    What does this mean for shops that buy and sell. I keep those empty but include the option in case anyone is looking for that particular resource. Plus if you sell out then it costs you another $100 on a sign. That just nullifies any profits you might make. Maybe the signs could instead indicate that they’re empty.

  3. GM2K says:

    Won’t be just the forum changing, the whole site will (eventually) change. I think it’s going to be much better for the site and server. Hopefully once it’s all up and running others will agree! :)

  4. TNTcheeseZz says:

    I think this is a great change, and that monthly subscription idea looks good too and looking forward to new web forum :D