Chest shop plugin

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CHEST SHOP -How to create a chest shop to sell or buy items
Place a sign next to a chest

  1. 1st line: Leave this line blank, it will be filled in automatically.
  2. 2nd line: The amount you wish to sell each time. eg 1
  3. 3rd line: B amount – B is the price for someone will pay you e.g. B 10
    1. or 3rd line: S amount – S is the price you will pay to another player e.g. S 10
  4. line4: is the correct name of the item, or use the item ID. eg 66 is a rail line
    Note: Select the item in your inventory and type /iteminfo to get the item ID 

[Left click the sign to buy from a shop, or Right click to sell to a shop]

NOTE: Creating a chest shop will deduct $100 from your account each time