Update on the new site

Apr 24, 2015 9:11 PM. Posted by

For all those interested the new site should be up very soon. I’m hoping this weekend though there is still a bit to do so that’s more of a hope date then a firm date.

If you want a sneak peek at what the new site looks like then enjoy:

Site-1 Site-2

As you can see, the general look is the same but what you’ll be able to do on the site is going to be a lot better.

EDIT: Didn’t quite get it all done this weekend but should only be another day or so until we’re good to go with the new site. For now enjoy another sneak peak of what I spent some of today working on:

In Game Purchases

Yes, you’re reading that page right. People will be able to go to that page and click ‘Promote Me!’ to move up the ranks automatically. No more needing to wait for someone to be online to do it. Also, remember when I said VIP subscriptions will eventually be automatic (i.e. People pay and they’re promoted in game straight away)? That’s set up on the new site too. Turns out “eventually” meant “instantly”. :p

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  1. asplinduh says:

    I have an idea for the new site! How about a section specifically for polls? Kinda like it is now?

  2. DementedSun says:

    Oh, I thought the new website was just an April Fools joke. Haven’t had time to be on lately, so I’m out of the loop :p. This looks nice! Like RWP – Minecraft Version. When I have time off work I’m gonna have to come on and see what’s changed, haha.

  3. ToppanaFIN says:

    I have a suggestion.There could be a section in forums where players could tell the co-ordinates of abandoned or suspicious places wich they think should be checked by an admin.

  4. Jay says:

    Can’t wait! I think after everything is settled in, perhaps we could update the look of things. Perhaps have a theme selector similar to RWP and make this a classic theme and have a spicy new updated theme. ;)

  5. ToppanaFIN says:

    WoW! That looks so much better than current one! I am lloking forward to that. Approve